Monday, February 14, 2011

Barrocas de Fora

Depth (minimum - maximum): -12 m to -16 m
Type of diving: natural reef
Snorkeling: No

• Site Characteristics:
This reef resembles a giant hand, with about 200m long and 100m wide. The dive takes place in the slopes of the “fingers”, which are pointed east. The structure of the reef allows a high concentration of wildlife and diversity. The site that we propose corresponds to the southern "finger", or in other words, the “pinkie finger”, being the inner or north area the most interesting.

• Fauna:
We often find a big school of breams in this reef. We also observe a large variety of fishes, trigger fish, bibs, grouper, wrasse, gobies, larger forkbeard. It is a good rock for the moray eel fans because there are many and in all sizes. In terms of invertebrates, octopuses and cuttlefish are abundant as well as nudibranchs. There are resident rays from the species Raja undulata. A large density of  the calcareous algae Mesophyla, with its characteristic and beautiful pink color, can be found on rocks near the top of the reef.

• Diving tips:
The anchor will be placed at the top of the rock, which corresponds to the "back of the hand”, avoiding damage to the richness of the reef. Start your dive following the east path along the sand, towards the tip of the “finger". Make some tours in the sand in order to find some of the resident rays. The south side is less interesting so, during the return, take the same side of the rock toward west.

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